Learn more about the issues Zelda cares about

District 2 should have an open partnership with the Head Start Program, Atlanta Public Schools, and university system. We plan to hold monthly Town Hall meetings to give time to communicate and gain a better understanding on what the parents, teachers, and students need to be competitive.

The City of Atlanta’s AA2 Credit Rating is an important element in the city’s ability to draw new businesses, provide for its schools, entertainment options, and to attract Federal/ State dollars. I pledge to see that our rating holds its value.

Part of that strategy is have random forensic audits within City departments, cross-training of staff, and term limits for Commissioners, Heads of Departments, and Council members.

We can also end the practice of allowing retired employees from returning their former role after the City has hired a new employee to perform the same job.

The Atlanta Police Department needs a Drug Enforcement Task force. District 2 needs the APD trained on how to identify the new string of drugs, how to administer life saving drugs, safeguard themselves from the drug paraphernalia, and apprehend drug abusers safely.

We as a City must have available affordable drug rehabilitation centers and drug counseling for the whole family including our homeless population. We must have programs set up to rehabilitate citizens and grant them re entry into society by offering a vocational education program and housing.

Once elected as District 2 Councilmember, I propose we change the Blue Loop for large conventions, games, and concerts. The Blue Loop concept was created in 2000 by the Atlanta Police Department.  It now needs to be updated.

The concept calls for turning off street lights after events. That act can result in attendees of events feeling unsafe. We want the each visitor visiting Downtown Atlanta to have a pleasant and safe experience. Keeping the street lights on also makes it easier for visitors to find the nearest highway.

Also, one way streets that were changed back during the Olympics of 1996, should be changed back to two way streets immediately.  The change back to two way streets will eliminate a majority of the grid lock in the morning and afternoon by commuters.

Traffic Grid repairs of streets, highways, and bridges should be on a time table for maintenance. We should also have reviews of civil engineering issues of gas/water pressure problems throughout Downtown Atlanta. Manholes should not explode up from the streets this is a dangerous problem that should not be ignored or addressed only when it occurs.

District 2 needs a one stop shop when it comes to transit. A rider should be able to pay for Marta, street car, and the relay bicycle with one pass for them all. It is too confusing to figure out what you are paying for especially if you are new to Atlanta or a tourist. We also should offer discounts for Seniors, Disabled, Students, and low income passengers. Everyone should have the ability to travel to work and home without a burden. Invest Atlanta should also give initiatives for affordable housing and Mom & Pop shops, on Marta lines to help low income families to compete in the workforce.  District 2 can get this done with Federal and State taxes or a Commuter Tax.

The Department of Transportation should come to Neighborhood and NPU meetings to inform the community on alternate ways to commute to and from home and work.  After the recent collapse of I-85 , and streets caving in, these information sessions are deeply needed. Let’s be honest, most neighbors only know one way to get home. Atlanta is truly a melting pot, and many of our current residents are not originally from Atlanta. The Department of Transportation needs to be more proactive to the cause and effect of this dilemma. The information session will truly be welcomed by the neighbors.

As councilwoman for District 2, I proposed we grant initiatives to qualified applicants who wants to do business with The District to include Green Jobs/Training. We need to make sure our Green Print for the City of Atlanta is protected for the next generation.

Green Job training gives anyone in District 2 the opportunity to compete for employment and become a vital part of their community. The goal is to have present, future, commercial/residential properties participate in recycling, and giving initiatives for it being done properly. It would be great if while at work or home, one could be able to go to the roof top, and pick fruits and vegetables for their meals. Please let me know what you want to see in District 2 for sustainable development. Your feedback is very important to make it work.

Atlanta Once had a Beautiful Festival Season, with an open free Marketplace for Artist during the National Black Art Festival.  As Council person for District 2, once elected I propose to bring the Artist Market place back. The market will invite local Artist to share their works from Graffiti, Folk, and Fashion. Giving Atlanta a true fashion week. This focus on the Arts should also include Music, Theater, and Cinema. Please feel free to include your feedback to this proposal. I need the Community to express their ideas on what they want for their District.

District 2 Festivals can also include Pop up Shops that can work with artist to receive an initiative via legislation  for the Artists. The Pop up Shops will be a win win for the vacant spaces in Downtown Atlanta and throughout District 2. The owner of the space will receive an initiative to rent to an Artist, and the Artist has a chance to show their work/Art.  The Pop up Shops in conjunction with the Mom and Pop shops, will help to revitalize Downtown Atlanta.